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We're looking for people who are passionate about developer tools and have experience working with developer-focused products before.

Open Roles

Product Marketing Manager
Developer Advocate
Software Engineer - Python
Platform Engineering
Technical Writer
Software Engineer - Java
Language Engineering
Software Engineer - Scala
Language Engineering
Head of Marketing
Software Engineer - Ruby
Language Engineering
Software Engineer - Python
Language Engineering
Software Engineer - PHP
Language Engineering
Software Engineer - JavaScript
Language Engineering
Software Engineer - C / C++
Language Engineering
Quality Assurance Engineer
Platform Engineering
Frontend Engineer
Platform Engineering

Perks & Benefits

  • Competitive compensation
  • Meaningful stock options
  • Workstation of your choice
  • Generous vacation policy
  • Health insurance coverage
  • Company offsite, twice a year
  • Learning and Development budget
  • 401(k) contributions (US only)

Interview process

  1. Application — Our Talent team will review your application to see if your skills match the requirements for the role you’ve applied for. If we believe you are a potential candidate, we’ll reach out to you over a phone call.
  2. Phone call — We’ll give you a call to discuss the role and understand your motivation to join the team. The phone call generally lasts for 5-10 minutes.
  3. Technical interview — If everything aligns, we’ll schedule a 45-minute technical interview. Two folks from the relevant team (Platform or Language Engineering) will join the call to discuss your past work and the general technical challenges. You don’t need to prepare anything specific for this round; we don’t have a "whiteboard programming" or algorithmic programming round. No stress.
  4. Take home task — For engineering roles, we’ll need to look at your code; this is super important for us. If you have a pretty good open source profile, we’ll skip this round. If not, you will be given a take-home task that you should be able to complete in a few hours. Generally, we give you a deadline of 3 days. Again, no competitive programming here. If you're busy with your current work schedule, we can be a bit flexible with the timeline here. For non-tech roles, relevant take-home tasks will be shared with you.
  5. Chat with founders — If we’re impressed with your solution to the task, we’ll schedule a call with our founders. You can ask any questions about DeepSource and discuss the role further. This would be around 30 minutes.
  6. Culture fit round — Our HR would love to chat with you next to evaluate your fit in the team. This should take 20-30 minutes.
  7. Internal de-brief — After the above rounds are done, we’ll do an internal de-brief with everyone involved in the hiring process.
  8. Offer — If everyone is on board, we’ll roll out an offer within 2 working days since the Culture fit round. We’ll let you know our decision, either way.

Overall, the hiring process from start to end takes around 10 working days. We’ll try our best to wrap things up within this timeline. If you've any questions about the process, don’t hesitate to reach out to

We look forward to your application!

"I love how everyone at DeepSource goes the extra mile to ensure that the user experience is magical. I especially like the fact that all opinions are considered while making decisions, whether design, product, or marketing. It feels good to impact the lives of so many developers through my work."

Sourya Vatsyayan
Language Engineering

"What drew me to DeepSource was how every engineer in the team was deeply involved in the community. As an engineer, you are not just expected to write code. The culture at DeepSource motivates you to give talks, contribute to open source, run hackathons, and occasionally host a game night."

Vishnu Jayadevan
Platform Engineering

"The first thing I noticed in the team was how committed everyone was to fix the problem! People brainstorm ideas, take ownership and what they delivered was exceptional. We are building a tool used by the smartest of developers in the world, and when they reach out to us saying how DeepSource is helping them, that is magical!"

Srijan Saurav
Language Engineering

"I appreciate the unrelenting focus the team shows towards shipping good code and consequently a good product. The feedback is invaluable and has ensured that not a day goes by when I do not improve. The team has helped me grow as a designer with constant access to a better design education and resources that have been integral in shaping my career."


"The best thing about working at DeepSource is its people and culture that helps you set the path of your career growth right. DeepSource fosters learning, appreciates fresh perspective, and incorporates individual opinion in decision making."

Human Resources